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Financial Planning – Who needs it?



When considering Financial Planning, many people don’t believe it’s a service that they need. Common reasoning ranges from “I don’t have enough assets” to “I already know how to save”. It can be hard to define who will receive the most benefit from engaging a Financial Planner. Is it those with a large expendable income? Is it those who don’t know what to do with their savings? Is it for those who don’t have any savings?

Financial Planning will mean something different to everyone, dependant on what stage of your life you are in. However, the truth is that everyone can benefit from Financial Planning, regardless of assets or income. A Financial Planner will be able to help you with the following:

Define your financial goals
Using a Financial Planner gives you the perfect opportunity to set up your financial goals and seek advice from someone who is qualified to provide you with a method to achieve them. Do you want to own multiple investment properties? Are you looking to invest in a business idea? What age do you want to retire? Have you protected your current lifestyle? Do you need help savings? Many people, both single and couples have not considered these questions with a means to achieving their desires.  The earlier these questions are addressed, the faster you can work towards making them a reality.

Allows you to set achievable milestones
When budgeting and considering your ability to save, it is easy to work on a best case scenario. But the truth of the matter is that life gets in the way, bringing unexpected expenses to even the most frugal spenders. A Financial Planner will be able to identify your goals and create a realistic timeframe and method to achieving them based on your cash flow and current spending habits, whilst allowing you to maintain the freedom of the lifestyle you love.

Consolidate your investments
Remember that Super Fund you set up when you were 15 and had your first job? No? Most people don’t. As part of a Financial Planning strategy, it is important to consolidate all your super funds and create a Superannuation program that is tailored to your needs. It can be quite surprising to find how much money is scattered with previous employer funds and exactly how you can make that money work for you. Do you have personal debt accumulated through a number of accounts or lenders? A Financial Planner may be able to identify ways to consolidate those debts into one manageable repayment. In addition to this, any investments and current savings are reviewed and ways to make these work for you are explored.

Building Wealth
Identifying key areas for improvement and implementing a financial plan to allow you to build your wealth through your chosen channels can provide a great level of comfort. Knowing what it is that you can achieve creates an additional level of control and responsibility, and creates tangible outcomes for your wealth plan. This kind of motivation can be priceless in keeping you on track with your finances.
So, with all of these great reasons to manage your finances, what are you waiting for? Contact a Resolve Financial Planner on 1300 883 292 or to learn how you can plan to build wealth for your future today!

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