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Refresh your rental on a budget!

Are you renting while you save for your first home? Often renters feel like they are stuck with the poor interior design choices made by their landlord, but we have some easy and budget-friendly ways to update your home’s interior and make your rental house feel like home!


If you truly hate some of the things in your rental – why not replace them? Fixtures and fittings like shower heads, cupboard handles and light fittings can easily be replaced, just remember to keep the old fittings so you can change it back when you move out. Another switch you can do that will make a big difference is changing out the ratty old curtains to some luxe new ones – you can buy curtains relatively cheaply from places like Spotlight and Ikea and you’ll be amazed by how much of a difference it can make to the room!


One thing you can’t change about your rental is how much light you have in the home – no adding extra windows or knocking down walls for you! The other way around that of course, is by adding some extra lighting to your home with lamps. Adding floor lamps, desk lamps, or even just upgrading to a fresh new light fitting can make a huge difference to how bright your home is… just remember to keep an eye on the electricity bill.



Hate your ugly carpeting in your bedroom? Or can’t figure out why someone would put lino in the living room? (Seriously, why?) Cover it up with some rugs! Even if you don’t mind your flooring, rugs can help make a room instantly more cozy and can help define different living areas.

The trick to picking the perfect rug for any sized room, is to make sure you get the right size. Any easy tip to measure out how you would like your rug placed with masking tape and make sure all seating and other furniture fits on, or at least partly on the rug so that the rug fits nicely in the room. Try to have an 20-30 cm border between the rug and the wall to ensure the rug doesn’t look to big for the space – you don’t want it to look like carpeting!


One of the cheapest (and most fun!) ways to update your rental home is with decorations! Adding a few accessories to your home can change up the whole look of the home, and it’s pretty easy to swap them out when you are feeling like a change. Here are a few of our favourite decoration ideas that can make your home look beautiful on a budget:

Cushions: These can add a pop of colour to living rooms and bedrooms and are pretty cheap from places like Kmart and Target. Plus, if you are a feeling crafty, you can even make your own with some fun patterned material from Spotlight.

Wall art: No nails needed for this one! Just grab some of those removable wall hooks (3M Command ones work well) and turn your home into you own art gallery!

Or you can get your hands on some washi tape and create your own cheap and cheerful gallery wall. Washi tape is great as its low tackiness is enough to stick to the wall, but not enough to remove wallpaper or wall paint when you peel it off. Simply buy or print out some fun prints, grab some washi tape to frame and you’ll have your own, easily removable wall art. Read the full instructions on how to create a washi gallery wall here.

Plants: Indoor plants can make your home prettier AND healthier, by helping to clean the air and pump in more oxygen. Some of our favourite and hard-to-kill indoor plants are Peace Lilly, Devil’s Ivy, Mother in Law’s Tongue/Snake Plants, Zanzibar Gems, and Spider Plants.

With these easy ideas and tips, you can make some stylish (but not permanent) changes to your rental home to make it feel more “you”.

But if you want to make some more permanent changes, maybe it’s time to get into your first home! Our friendly first home experts at Resolve Finance will help talk you through everything you need to know, so get in touch today!

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