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for life.

Budgeting and Debt Management

How to budget

Formulating an effective and achievable budget will help you reach many of your personal and financial goals, and help you build a solid financial future. Your Financial Planner will work through a number of simple steps with you to ensure that you make the best use of your income:


We’ll understand your situation

Together, we’ll review your current income and expenses to ensure that we have a clear picture of how you’re using your money. We’ll examine any personal loans, car loans or investments you currently have to ensure they are working in a way that benefits you.


We’ll discuss your goals

Your Resolve Financial Planner will work with you to understand what your key goals and motivations are. This isn’t limited to building wealth – your goals may include eliminating your personal debt, or saving for something special such as a wedding or a holiday. Once you have decided and set your goals, your motivation and focus to achieve them will be much higher.


We’ll discuss your timeframes

It’s essential to prioritise your goals based on importance and timing. This can be as long term or as immediate as you desire. For example, you may wish to have no personal debt within one year, comfortably pay for an extended holiday within two years, and have saved enough for a home deposit within five years. Giving these goals a timeframe then gives you measures to implement in your final budget.


We’ll finalise your budget

Once your Financial Planner has a complete understanding of your situation, goals and timelines, we’ll be able to form a budget that will allow you to achieve your targets. This includes choosing the right products and tools for your situation – for example, it may make sense to consolidate your debts, or to open a high interest savings account where you can earn you interest on deposits. Our objective is to help you rest easy knowing that your money is working as hard as it can, to benefit you and help you achieve your goals.


Together, we’ll track your progress

When you choose Resolve Finance, you’re getting a finance partner for life. It’s important that you track your goals to ensure that you stay on target, and your Resolve Financial Planner will be there to provide guidance to keep you motivated and assistance as your situation changes over time.

As you can see, your Resolve Financial Planner won’t just tell you how to save money. We’ll ensure that we understand your lifestyle, and apply our specialised knowledge to every aspect of your financial and personal situation so you can achieve your goals sooner.

To get started, download our budget planner below or get in contact with a Resolve Financial Planner.