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Car Finance


What is the maximum loan term for a car loan?

The approved loan term for a vehicle will depend on the age of the vehicle and the amount of finance required. This is to protect you as a customer – to make sure that you are paying off a similar amount per year to the depreciation of the car you purchase.

How old can the car be to qualify for a car loan?

This varies on a case by case basis, however typically a car must be 5 years or under to qualify for a secured car loan. The age of the car will be taken into account when you apply for finance, and when your loan is approved the loan term may take this into account.

How does finance work if I have a trade in?

If you’re planning to trade in your existing vehicle, you’ll need to obtain a payout figure from your current lender. Once you purchase your new car and the settlement takes place, the previous loan is paid out and closed, and a new one is opened for the new vehicle. We take care of all this behind the scenes, so you can enjoy driving away in your new car.