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Legal Services

Title Insurance

A Title is evidence that a person lawfully owns a property. Title Insurance is protection for home buyers against loss and risk to ownership after settlement.

There are two types of risks Title Insurance covers.

  • ‘Known risks’ are any defects in title that are disclosed by the seller or have been recognised during the conveyancing process.
  • ‘Unknown risks’ are risks that have not been identified before settlement but that may arise during property ownership and result in financial loss to you as the future owner.


Even the most thorough conveyancing process may not discover all the potential risks against your property. That’s when Title Insurance proves its weight in gold.

A typical home owner’s policy protects against risks including:

  • Illegal building work.
  • Survey/Boundary Defects.
  • Mortgage or title fraud after settlement.
  • Incorrect signature of a document.
  • Forgery, fraud & identity theft.
  • Defective registration of a document.
  • Lack of rights of access or use of services.
  • Breach of covenants.
  • Outstanding rates and taxes.
  • Encroachment by or on to the insured property.
  • Lack of zoning certificates.
  • Title being vested in someone other than the insured.
  • Problems with the registration gap.


Your new home is likely to be the single biggest investment of your life, so it makes sense to do everything you can to protect your asset. To ensure you are safeguarded, we recommended you speak to the team at Resolve Conveyancing about how Title Insurance may benefit you.