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Choosing your super

Without specialised assistance, choosing a super fund may seem like an impossible task, and the easiest option may seem to just go with your employers’ nominated fund. However, there are many different features and benefits across the range of funds, so it makes sense to work with your Resolve Financial Planner to find the best super fund for you.

When determining how best to manage your super fund, your Financial Planner will work through a number of questions and requirements with you including:

  • Are you able to choose your own super fund?
  • How involved do you want to be in the management of your super fund?
  • Do you require insurance from your super fund?
  • Are there any extra benefits available to you?
  • Are there additional services offered by the super fund you may require?


We’ll then compare a range of super funds, and base our advice on a combination of your answers and other aspects such as the fees and charges, and performances of the fund over a period of time.

By having a complete understanding of your personal situation and working closely with you through your options, you can be confident that we’ll help you find a super fund that will help grow your nest egg for retirement.

To find out whether your super is right for you, contact a Financial Planner today!