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for life.

What is Financial Planning?


What qualifications does a Financial Planner have?

At Resolve Financial Planning, we’re committed to providing you with outstanding service from our team of specialists. That’s why at minimum, your Resolve Financial Planner will have:

  • A related university degree – Bachelor of Business or Commerce with finance major
  • A Diploma of Financial Planning


Some may have other qualifications relating to:

  • Direct equities
  • Margin Lending
  • Self Managed Super Funds


So you can be sure that the advice you are being given is from a trained professionals.

How often do I need to see my Financial Planner?

Part of the service when you work with a Resolve Financial Planner is having reviews once every six months. This ensures that we stay close to any changes in your situation and make sure that your financial plan is always working to its optimum. However we understand that sometimes it may not be viable to get in to see us this often. In this instance, we recommend you see your adviser at least once a year.

How do I pick a good Financial Planner?

Apart from having the right qualifications and skills, your Financial Planner should be someone that you feel comfortable with, especially in developing and nurturing a professional relationship. At Resolve we pride ourselves on understanding people from all walks of life. Each client brings a unique set of circumstances and everyone we meet gets a solution tailored to their needs.

I don’t own a property – do I need to see a Financial Planner?

Absolutely – Financial Planning is a great option for everyone, but especially for people who haven’t yet begun accumulating assets. At Resolve Financial Planning we have a well-rounded team of Advisers who believe in a holistic approach to your finances. If you don’t have a property, there are many options we can discuss, including budget, insurances, debt reduction or wealth creation strategies that will be able to get you into your first property sooner.