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Purchase a new home

In a perfect world of buying and selling a home, there would be little to no changeover period as you move out of your old home and into your new one.

In the real world, that is rarely the case. You may find the perfect new home much sooner than you anticipated, or your home may take longer to sell than expected – the possibilities are endless, and they can affect which home loan is best for you.


Bridging Finance

Fortunately, there’s no need to wait for your existing home to sell before you buy or build a new one. With our bridging finance option, you can take away the stress when a changeover period between homes occurs, as it allows for the purchase of your new home to occur prior to selling your current home.

Rather than taking out a second loan for the new home, you simply stay in your current home and use the equity in your loan to finance your new home instead. A bridging loan is commonly interest-only whilst you wait to receive the proceeds from the sale of your home.

This lets you buy your dream home and move in, while the old one is still selling. The repayments you make on your current mortgage will continue until the property is sold. However, you will technically own two homes and have two loans – but be paying only for one. Therefore, your monthly repayments will not increase and you can live comfortable during this period.


Home to Home Loan

A home-to-home loan is a unique product that covers your bridging finance.

A home to home loan has many benefits, including:

  • Live in your current home while you sell your old one, or until building is complete.
  • No hassles and costs of finding short term rental accommodation.
  • No family upheaval.
  • No dead rental outlay.
  • Move only once instead of twice or three times.
  • You have more time to sell your existing property.
  • You only pay one mortgage until your old home sells or your new home is built.


This flexible home loan may just be the solution your family is looking for during your upgrade.

When looking at your options, you may find it makes sense to keep your current home as an investment. If this is the case, it is not only a great time to look at your refinance options, but the perfect opportunity to work with your Resolve Finance broker to manage your equity and repayment amounts.

So no matter what your situation, leave the hard work to your Resolve Finance broker and relax, knowing you are in trusted hands. For more information about our bridging finance options from our brokers in Perth and Melbourne, get in touch with our friendly team today.