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My Home Plan

How it works

You’ll partner with a personal Finance Coach, who will guide you through your savings journey with all the support and motivation you need to see you to achieve your goals

Here is how our unique program works:



At an initial meeting with your Finance Coach, you’ll discuss your current situation and goals for home ownership. We’re interested in getting to know you, how you live, and what you are looking for in your first home, so together we can set the best roadmap to get you there.



Your Finance Coach will undertake a full financial analysis based on your current situation, and prepare an achievable budget, tailored to your unique situation. Your budget sets exactly how much you should be spending each month, identifies where your money should be spent, and lets you put aside enough money for a home deposit without impacting your lifestyle too much.



Our My Home Plan technology allows you to not only set and track your saving goals but also integrate your bank account information so that you can view all your finances in one place. Track where your money is going, analyse how much you are saving and view how close to your milestones you are at any given time. Choose to access it all through our online version, or download our easy to use app to view and manage your progress whenever – wherever. Your Finance Coach will also have the same viewability, so they can review and adapt your plan whenever they see fit, or if life gets in the way. This is what makes our program so personalised and unique. Take a look at our technology solution below:



Your Finance Coach is there with you every step of the way. They’ll act as a mentor to help you follow your budget and offer guidance and support throughout your entire journey. From regular emails to phone calls, you’ll always have an experienced expert in your corner keeping you on track.



When you’re ready to purchase your new home, we’ll help you find the right loan and guide you through the finance process. After mentoring you to achieve your goals, we’ll be in an ideal position to identify a great fit for you and your finances.