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Hints and Tips


What to expect at a display village

 The below blog was sourced from Dale Alcock Homes.If you’re planning to visit one or more of Perth’s many display villages this weekend, having a solid plan of attack will help you get the most out of the afternoon.Whether you’ve already short-listed a number of...

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29 August

6 ways to personalise your home!

 The below blog was sourced from Homebuyers Centre.Now that you are officially a homeowner it is time to make it feel like home! Here are 6 ways to achieve that!1.         Own it? Nail it!Take a look at all those beautiful crisp clean walls. Yours. Every...

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29 August

How to move house on a budget

Moving house can be a fantastic, exciting experience, so long as the process is simple, smooth and affordable. The thing is, if you’re not careful, it can turn into one of the most expensive undertakings you ever embark upon. Before you know it, the costs...

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29 August
Hints and Tips, Homeowners, Investors

Managing mortgage stress

Mortgage stress is common and is primarily known to occur when loan repayments are more than 30 percent of a household income. The good news is, there is steps you can take to ensure you feel confident that your mortgage is under control.Prepare for the...

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30 July
Hints and Tips, Homebuyers

What is pre-approval?

We often hear finance terms thrown around so it can be difficult to remember what they all mean. Here we explain the term ‘pre-approval’ to make things easier for you!Put simply, pre-approval is a lenders written assessment of how credit worthy you are for a...

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04 July