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The way you like to live: Versus

If you’re searching for the right suburb or want to learn more about what your neighbourhood has to offer, follow this blog series as we share some incredible small businesses, their owners and other great places in the suburbs of Victoria and Western Australia.


Versus – St Kilda, Victoria

The second profile in our series is about Versus, an alternative and holistic health service, offering treatment, training  and recovery services to help you improve performance, conditioning and health optimisation.

Versus is located in beach side St Kilda, just 6 km from the city centre, and is home to a lively social scene, both suited to professionals and families.

We had the privilege of interviewing Head Coach and past Ninja Warrior, Melissa Armstrong. We asked a few questions about the birth of Versus, the services they offer, cost savings you can find and about Melissa’s time on Ninja Warrior!


Keep reading to find out more about Versus:


Editor: How did the idea for Versus come about?

Melissa: “Versus was just waiting to happen.. I needed somewhere to train, that offered everything that I believe in. Seriously functional training, treatment (Osteo + Massage), Traditional Sauna and a cold tub. We really built it for ourselves and thankfully, loads of other people want the same things as us.”


Editor: Are there any success stories you’ve come across from customers, as a result of Versus’ services.

Melissa: “One of my favourite memories was of a certain gentleman, who shall remain nameless (But you’d likely know of him!) who was so overwhelmed by the cold tub experience that he claimed it was “the worst business plan he’s ever heard of” and that

“Nobody would ever come back for a 2nd ice bath”. We now see him 1-2 times per week. He’s hooked. People get hooked on the feeling afterwards. It’s an incredible natural high. Oh, and it burns LOADS of stored body fat, so that also makes it popular.”


Editor: It’s incredible to see that you practice what you preach, especially with Ninja Warrior! Tell us a little about your experience on the show. We understand that strengthening the body and mind is a key focus at Versus – do you think Ninja Warrior has given you new tools to help clients to build their mental as well as body? 

Melissa:I get such a buzz out of competing in Ninja Warrior – It’s more fun than I could have ever imagined. One element that has been a surprise is how eager my clients are to train in a similar way to me. They find the preparation very broad (which it really does need to be), which offers loads of variety and keeps them interested.

Despite the fact that I’m a dedicated athlete, my clients can see that these sorts of goals aren’t beyond the average person. It just takes a lot of focus and a bit of a shift in thinking. I really don’t tolerate people talking themselves down in my company, so I think after a while, they come to realise that they can do what they put their mind to.”


Editor: We can feel a big sense of community from Versus. Do you have anything to add about your values in community and examples of how your community comes together?

Melissa: “I’m a country girl originally. I grew up in a small town where just about everybody knew each other. I highly value the support of a close community and have, for the last 17 years in Melbourne, worked to build my own around me. Versus is that. It’s our “home” for exercise.

I adore that fact that often we don’t even know what each other do for work or what sort of car we each drive. It’s just about coming together, sweating it out, pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and then having a bit of a laugh at the end. We all leave feeling better and stronger for it and in at least a small way, a bit more a part of something bigger than our family life, behind the picket fence and the 9-5 of work life.”


Editor: As a finance company, we try to look for ways our followers can save money whilst not missing out on great products or services. Does your company provide cost saving initiatives or discounts?

Melissa: “Absolutely. We offer a reduced rate when sessions are pre-paid and have a referrals program which encourages our existing clients, to drag their friends along – often kicking and screaming at first. Not for long though..

We have also offered “Community Passes” for years now. In essence, my long-term clients all know that if ever times get tough, money should be no barrier and we are happy to waive or discount their fees until things come good again – we manage this case by case.”


Get me to Versus

At Resolve Finance we love to watch our clients as they do things they thought were difficult or too hard, like saving up for their dream home and becoming home owners!

And that’s why we love what Versus has accomplished by providing an outlet for people to push themselves beyond their expectations in a physical and mental capacity.

Congratulations to Versus, for building a business with such a great service and community!

You can check out Versus for yourself at 148A Barkly Street, St Kilda VIC. And make sure to enter our competition for a One Month Training Pass from Versus, valued at $250 on our socials!


You can check Versus out online here:

Website / Facebook / Instagram 

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