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Why Financial Services

Financial services will always be needed, which is why they are growing each year. So it makes great business sense to join a vital industry sector and take advantage of its continued expansion.

At Resolve Finance we want you to have confidence in the industry you’re investing in. After all, you’re making a sizeable commitment to your own business. With financial services, you can have that peace of mind.

Key facts about the financial services sector:

  • 53% of all home loans in Australia are now originated via a mortgage broker.*
  • Home loans are no longer taken out only once. Clients are strongly advised to review their home loans every 2 years, for refinancing opportunities, creating further business for brokers.
  • Trust in mortgage brokers continues to rise, with a solid 71% of customers being happy with broker advice.^
  • Australia has one of the world’s highest rates of home ownership.


Awareness of the need for mortgage brokers and financial advisors is growing. More and more clients appreciate and seek out their specialist expertise.

Take the next step to business success knowing you are investing in a solid growth industry sector.