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for life.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning makes perfect sense if you care about your financial future, regardless of which stage of life you are in. Financial Planning is about making the most of the money you have and using it to create opportunities for a better lifestyle.

At Resolve Financial Planning, our specialised team will assist you in building a clear picture of your future goals and aspirations, and help you put a plan in place to achieve them.

With the help of a Resolve Financial Planner, you’ll find yourself much better able to manage all your finances, including debts, superannuation and insurance policies. More importantly, you’ll know you’re on the path to wealth and financial security.

So how do you know whether it’s the right time to see a Financial Planner? Ask yourself the following questions:


Do you own a property, investment or any other assets?

If you answered yes:

It’s important to start planning for your future with the help of your Financial Planner.  A Resolve Financial Planner is ready to work with you to ensure that you take full advantage of your property or assets, and create strategies to help you eliminate your mortgage and build wealth. We’ll also help you make sure you and your family are protected financially should your situation change in the future.

If you answered no:

A Resolve Financial Planner is just the person to help set you on the right track. We can assist with budgeting and income management so you can start saving for your first home or invest in rewarding assets sooner.

Do you have more than one superannuation account?

If you answered yes:

The chances are that consolidating your superannuation is something that has been on your ‘to do’ list for some time. It may be difficult to know where to start, or which superannuation account is the best one to move everything to.

Working with your Resolve Financial Planner means that the process will be seamless, and you can be confident that your superannuation will work for you to produce positive results aligned with your goals.

If you answered no:

Are you completely aware of the features, benefits and insurances offered by your current superannuation? A Resolve Financial Planner may find another provider more closely aligned to your requirements and the lifestyle you love. Taking time to assess your situation and work with your Financial Planner will benefit you as you set up your financial strategies.

Do you have personal insurances?

If you answered yes:

Good on you! Protecting yourself and your assets is one of the most important things you can do at any age. When you work with a Resolve Financial Planner, we’ll investigate whether you are paying for any insurance attached to your superannuation, which you may not require. We’ll also consider your personal situation and ensure the insurances that you have in place best protect your interests.

If you answered no:

It is important to consider your options. What would happen to your lifestyle and your family if you were to lose your job or become injured in a way that affected your ability to earn income? Setting up these protections now will benefit you long into the future.

Are you interested in making the most of your financial future?

If you answered yes:

You are already on your journey! Your Resolve Financial Planner is the perfect person to look at your personal situation, and work with you to set up a series of strategies to get your finances working for you, sooner. The best part is, when you need it we’ll work hand in hand with the Finance and Legal experts at Resolve Finance – so whatever stage you are at, and whatever additional services you may need, our entire team is on hand to provide a simple, streamlined solution that works to benefit you.

Contact us today, and let a Resolve Financial Planner assist you on your journey.