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Find my lost super

The average Australian has three superannuation accounts currently open. If you’ve ever changed jobs, changed your name or moved house, it’s possible you are one of these people, and rolling them into one is probably on your infinite ‘to do’ list.

The problem with having multiple accounts is that the longer they are open, the more likely you are to lose track of the fund details and be unable to claim your lost super. In addition to this, over time you’ll be charged fees and may even have multiple insurance premiums coming out of your superannuation savings. These fees may decrease your balance until you no longer have any funds in that account, so you lose that super.

Why not get together with a Resolve Financial Planner – we’ll work with you to find your lost super and roll them all into a single account. We’ll also consider your contributions, investigate any fees or insurances relating to the fund, and talk to you about how involved you want to be in reviewing your super. Together, we’ll work to make sure that as a whole, the fund is the best fit for you.

Don’t wait any longer – contact a Resolve Financial Planner today to consolidate your super!