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Planning your future

Mortgage Elimination

Australian households with two incomes currently spend over 29% of their monthly income on mortgage repayments.  Wouldn’t it be great to know that you’re heading towards paying off that debt sooner?

A lot of families simply adopt a ‘set and forget’ approach to their mortgage repayments, continually making the minimum repayments – but you could cut years off your home loan by making a few small changes to your loan structure. All it takes is some expert planning and forward thinking.

Why not contact a Resolve Financial Planner ? Together we’ll work through your options, and implement a plan that will give you the opportunity to achieve the financial freedom you’re looking for sooner.

This could include elements such as:

  • Restructuring your loan.
  • Making additional repayments on your loan (even minor changes can help).
  • Altering the frequency of your loan repayments.


We can design the plan so that the changes you make don’t require you to sacrifice the lifestyle that you love – it’s about being smart with your money, and making sure it works for you.

You’ll be amazed how much you can shave off your loan with the help of a financial advisor – contact the team at Resolve Financial Planning today and see how much you could save!