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Financial Planning

Risk and Life Insurance

Setting up personal insurances can quite easily be another item that goes onto your infinite ‘to do’ list.

However, if the way you lead your life suddenly changed, the impact on you and those important to you could be devastating. Risk and life insurances are designed to protect both yours and your family’s financial future in case something happens and you can no longer support them.

In 2012, Australian families received over $5billion in risk and life insurance payouts from a total of 85,329 claims*. Thanks to those payouts, families have been able to sustain their lifestyles, their businesses, and most importantly, their relationships.

It’s vital that you understand the importance of setting up your personal insurances as soon as possible – as you age and your personal health and situation changes, the level of cover you may be eligible for and the premiums you pay may change significantly.

Many super funds offer life and risk insurance as part of their additional services, so you may already be covered to a degree. However, it’s possible that the ‘default’ life insurance may not meet the requirements of your personal situation.

In formulating a personal insurance strategy, your Resolve Financial Planner will work with you to ensure that you and your family have enough protection to allow you all to live comfortably into the future.  To make life even easier, your insurances may be able to be set up so the premium is paid from your superannuation. That way your family can be protected without money leaving your bank account. And in the event that you need to make a claim, we can assist with that too.

When it’s this simple to safeguard your future – why would you wait?