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Self Managed Super Funds

Some people prefer the freedom of choice that comes with managing their own super. By running a Self Managed Super Fund, you gain complete control of your retirement strategy.

This level of responsibility requires careful consideration, and if you decide to go ahead with a SMSF it is strongly recommended that you seek the advice of a finance specialist to ensure that you’re making informed decisions that give you the best chance of building on the money in your super.

At Resolve Finance, we’re proud to offer the full services of our Financial Planning Manager to assist with any SMSF enquiries or management requirements you may have. Because as you continue your journey with us, you deserve a premium level of service.

When dealing with your SMSF, your Financial Planning Manager will:

  • Assist with portfolio management and administration.
  • Provide technical advice.
  • Access a range of products to help you invest in your retirement.
  • Build wealth creation strategies specific to your requirements.
  • Ensure your insurance and income protection is suitable for your SMSF.
  • Provide ongoing support and financial advice.


When you want complete control over your retirement nest egg, it makes sense to trust Resolve Finance to work alongside you and make sure your journey is a smooth one.