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Financial Planning


Superannuation (Super) is money that is saved to support you when you retire. The money is paid into your superannuation account by your employer as part of your salary, and you can choose to make additional payments into your super. The government may even contribute extra if you do this.

Due to these continual contributions, the money in your super will build over time, and your super fund will reinvest this money so that it continues to grow. That way when you retire, you have the money from yours and your employer’s contributions, plus the additional money earned from the reinvestment to fund or supplement your retirement.

For most people, all of these contributions, investments and reinvestments happen behind the scenes and aren’t given much thought until closer to the age of retirement. However for the majority, the pension you will receive from the Government will be a lot less than your normal income. In fact, if you’re a long way from retirement, the benefits you receive may be a lot less than what a retiree receives today.

Your super choices right now can make a massive difference to the amount you end up with when you retire, which is why the sooner you get your super working for you, the better. Your Resolve Financial Planner will work with you to make the most of your super, including:

  • Finding lost superannuation.
  • Consolidating super funds into one account.
  • Performance and portfolio management of your account.
  • Contribution strategies  and how to maximise retirement benefits.
  • Advice and set up of self-managed superfunds.


We’ll work with you so that when you come to retirement, you can keep on living the lifestyle you enjoy.