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My Home Plan


How does My Home Plan work?

My Home Plan is a specialised finance program that puts you in control of your finances. We discuss your financial situation and put together a tailored plan that works for you. With the help of your Finance Coach, you will track your money and goals every step of the way. Once you’ve reached all your milestones we help you find the right finance solution for your home loan needs.

Find out more about the My Home Plan process here.

What is the 'My Home Plan' technology?

Our technology solution is a product that allows you to view and track your financial situation at any point in time. It has your personal goals set within it, so that you can see how close you are to each milestone, and know whether you are sticking to your plan. Available both online and via our mobile app, you can track your money on the go.

Can anyone join My Home Plan?

Anyone can apply, but we want to make sure you can achieve your financial goals – so once you enquire, our Finance Coaches will analyse your current situation and assess your eligibility.

Do you guarantee I will be able to afford my own home if I join?

Unfortunately, we can’t go quite that far. We wouldn’t sign you up to the program if we didn’t think you could achieve your goals, but with bank policy constantly changing, we can’t make guarantees. But we’re here to support you every step of the way, so if you follow our advice, you’ll be working towards taking control of your finances and your future.

My situation has changed – what does that mean for me?

We understand that life can get in the way. From unexpected income boosts, such as promotions or bonuses, to unfortunate bumps in the road like unexpected bills, situations change that can impact your journey. But the tailored, personalised nature of our program lets us re-assess your new situation, and adjust plans to fit.

Are there any incentives involved with the program?

My Home Plan works closely with several builders across Western Australia and Victoria. Incentives and milestones may be offered if you intend to build with one of our builder partners, and vary on your chosen builder. They can include items such as prestart vouchers, new appliances or feature upgrades. Your Finance Coach will explain to you what incentives may be available to you based on your individual situation.

Do I have to build a home to have access to the program?

While we think it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of some great incentives through our builder partners [hyperlink], we are more than happy to accept customers on the program who want to purchase an existing home! Simply get in contact with us today to start your journey.