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Conveyancing Services

Buying your home

Buying a home, whether you plan to live in it or as an investment, is an exciting but challenging experience.  It’s important to have a dedicated conveyancer working with you to ensure that settlement happens as quickly and easily as possible, that all delays are avoided and you are confident all conditions of settlement have been met on time.

When buying an established home, your conveyancer will:

  • Ensure your Contract of Sale contains the right clauses to make sure you’re getting a fair deal and that all the conditions you’ve agreed to have been included.
  • Coordinate the settlement date and time with your lender or Resolve Finance broker and the seller’s settlement agent.
  • Confirm information required such as title, rates and zoning.
  • Ensure all taxes and rates are paid and transferred as needed, including transfer duty.
  • Prepare and verify all necessary documents required for settlement.
  • Double check that all inspections and other special conditions in the contract have been completed and ensure you are happy that the conditions have been met.
  • Work with your mortgage broker, lender and real estate agent or land developer to make sure finance is in order for both parties, and everyone is ready for settlement.
  • Keep you informed about the progress of your settlement.
  • Requests funds to proceed to settlement.
  • Attend settlement on your behalf and confirm when settlement is complete.
  • Transfer ownership of property into your name upon settlement.


At Resolve Conveyancing, we understand that good customer service doesn’t start and end with a successful settlement. Your conveyancer will work with your lender and/or Resolve Finance mortgage broker to ensure all lines of communication are open between all parties. We’ll also assist you and answer any questions you may have along the way, to ensure that you have a full understanding of the process.